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Just a few pointers if you have never hashed here in Penang before:

1) Running is a misnoma!! Here it is a cross between hiking, climbing, jungle bashing. Though not always all at once!!!

2) Wear good shoes. Preferably with stud type soles. Do not use smooth shoes as you'll likely just keep slipping back down the hillside.

3) Please bring water with you. It is surprising how de-hydrated you can get in the steamy jungle.

4) We also recommend you bring along a torch. Please check it is working before you start. We do sometimes finish the run in the dark.

5) We would also recommend to carry a mobile phone with you...just in case!!

6) We always recommend you follow paper. That way we can find you if you are too late in returning to the runsite.

7) Enjoy your hashing with us. Remember it is not a race. Take your time, relax and look out for places you'll never see otherwise.