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1 This Association shall be known as THE HASH HOUSE HARRIETS PENANG

2 This Association's registered address shall be at 41N Jalan Lim Eow Thoon, George Town, 10400, Penang, Malaysia, or at other place or places as may from time to time be decided on by the committee.
Its postal address shall be as the registered address or at such other place as may from time to time be decided by the committee. Both the registered address and postal address shall not be changed without the prior approval of the Registrar of Society.


3 a) Its object is to promote and encourage the sport of cross country running in Penang by the organization of regular cross country paper chases and in any other way in pursuit of this object decided by the committee

b) To meet socially from time to time to entertain members, guests and their families.


4 Membership is open to all female persons residing in Malaysia who are over 15 years of age who are interested in taking part in a weekly cross-country paper chase. The number of permitted members is unlimited.

5 Females who are between the ages of 13-15 years may be admitted as members at the discretion of the committee.

6 A female person who wants to join the association shall submit her name and address to the Hon Secretary and shall thereafter be considered a member until:-
a) she notifies the Hon Secretary of her intention to resign
b) she is in arrears of subscription as provided by article 13 thereof
c) she fails to comply with obligations as set out under article 28

7 All fully paid female members are entitled to one vote at meetings of the association.

7(i) Associate membership is open to all males over the age of 18 years residing in Malaysia, at the discretion of the committee. Their number should not exceed that of female members, and the subscription will be the same as in article 9.
7(ii) Associate members are eligible to enjoy all other benefits like their female counterparts except the right to vote or to hold office.

7(iii) A male person wishing to join the association shall submit his application to the committee and shall thereafter be considered an associate member until:-

a) he notifies the Hon Secretary of his intention to resign
b) he is in arrears of subscription as provided by article 13 thereof
c) he has failed to fulfil his duty to set a run, has not found a replacement and has not paid the fine of RM100 prescribed in article 28.
d) the committee, at its discretion and in consideration of the waiting list for associate membership, deems he has ceased to be active in the association's weekly run.

8 No entrance fee is payable by new members

9 Subscriptions to be paid yearly. Special consideration to be given to those members who may experience financial difficulties. New members joining during a year will pay proportionately for the period between the dates of joining and the end of the year.


10 The management of the association is vested in a general meeting of members, presided over by the President. A quorum at all meetings of members must be twice the number of the committee members or half the total membership at the time of the meeting, whichever is the less, for the proceedings to be in order.

11 Annual General Meeting will be held each year, 12 months after the general election. At other times, a general meeting shall be called by the President on the request in writing of ten or more members and may be called at any time by order of the committee.

12 At least 14 days clear notice shall be given of all general meetings to members of the association.
The Hon Secretary shall give copies of the agenda and audited statement of accounts for each meeting to all members, in the hash letter.
The following items shall be on the agenda at every annual general meeting:-
1) The committee's report on the working of the association during the previous 12 months
2) To receive the Treasurer's report and the accounts of the association for the previous 12 months
3) The election of a committee and to appoint an auditor for the ensuing 12 months. A member who wishes to place any item on the agenda of a general meeting shall do so, provided she gives notice in writing to the Hon Secretary one week before the meeting is due to be held.


13 The Hon Treasurer will notify all members as and when subscriptions become due. Where a member is three months in arrears with fees, and has not been present at a run, nor advised the committee of circumstances, She shall be considered resigned and not be entitled to participate in club activities, meetings or voting.      
14 Such persons may, at her written request, be re-admitted subject to:
(i) such fees, subscription and other dues, including but not limited to arrears in subscription and fines as prescribed under article 8, 9, 13 and 28 of this constitution.
(ii) the consent by simple majority vote of the management committee. Such a decision shall be final and shall not be subject to appeal or review.

15 When a member is resigning from the association, a written resignation to the Hon Secretary is required, and all subscriptions to be paid up-to-date.


16 In the event of there being no quorum, the meeting shall be adjourned to the same day in the following week at a place and time to be appointed and should those present be insufficient to form a quorum, those present shall be considered a quorum, but they shall have no power to alter, amend or make additions to any of the provisions of this constitution.

17 The Hon Secretary shall convene an Emergency General Meeting upon receipt of a written request accompanied by the proposed agenda, signed by not less than 50% of the registered members of the association.

18 The Hon Secretary shall thereupon fix a date for the Emergency General Meeting and the proposed agenda to all members.


19 The committee consisting of the following shall be elected at each general meeting
Vice President
Hon. Secretary
Hon. Treasurer
Assistant Hon. Treasurer and 6 committee members.
Names for the above offices shall be proposed and seconded, and election at the general meeting. All officers may be re-elected term after term, except for the Hon Treasurer, who may be re-elected for two terms consecutively only.

20 The members of the committee shall have the power to elect a new President, Vice-President, Hon. Secretary or Hon. Treasurer in the event of the holder of any of these offices being unable or unwilling to serve their term.

21 In the event of any of the offices falling vacant, the committee shall have the power to elect a replacement who shall have the same power and responsibilities as if she had been elected at the general meeting.

22 Committee meetings shall be held at such times as may be considered desirable. At least seven days notice of such meetings shall be given to the committee members by the Hon. Secretary. At least half the committee members must be present at a committee meeting for its proceedings to be valid.

23 The duty of the committee is to organize and supervise the activities of the club and to make decisions on all matters not requiring the approval of a general meeting. It may not act contrary to the expressed wishes of the members and shall always remain subordinate to the general meetings.

24 The committee has power to authorize the expenditure of a sum not exceeding RM1,000.00 per month from the association's funds for the association's objects as defined in Article 3 above.

25 Any expenditure in excess of RM1000.00 per month shall be subject to approval of a meeting of the association.

26 The association shall open a bank account in its name and cheques for withdrawals from this account shall be signed by the Hon. Treasurer and one other committee member, so appointed.      


27 The duties of the office bearers are as follows:-
a) The President shall act as chairman at all general and committee meetings. She shall also represent the association in its dealings with outside persons.
b) The Vice-President shall deputize for the President in the latter's absence. It shall be the duty of the President and Vice-President to count the number of runners at the start of each meet and to ensure that all have returned to the starting point before the runners are permitted to go home.
c) i. The Treasurer shall keep all books and records of the association and shall be responsible for their correctness. She shall collect all monies due to the association and shall disburse all monies payable by it. She will not keep more than RM500 in form of cash and any money collected by her on behalf of the association in excess of this amount shall be paid into the association's bank account. Full details of all receipts and payments will be recorded by her in the cash book, the entries being supported where possible by documents and vouchers.
ii. The Assistant Treasurer is to assist the Hon. Treasurer in keeping of all books and records of the association.
d) It shall be the duty of the Hon. Secretary to notify members in advance of the dates and starting place of the run and to maintain a record of the minutes of every general meeting of the association in accordance with its rules and shall carry out the instruction of the general meeting and of the committee.


28 The members who are appointed as "BUNNIES" for a meet will arrange to collect the necessary hash sign, paper cutter and supply of own paper for the paper trails. If the appointed "BUNNIES" is unable to set the run and has been unable to find a substitute "BUNNY" and no other member (including committee members) has volunteered to set the run, then there will be no run.


29 One person, but not a member of the committee will be elected as Hon. Auditor at each Annual General Meeting and will hold office for one term only and may not be re-elected. She will be required to audit each twelve month's accounts and present her report to the General Meeting. She may be required by the President to audit the association's accounts for any period within her tenure of office at any date and make a report to the committee. The Hon. Auditor need not by necessity be a member of the association.


30 a) Gambling of any kind such as playing of paikow or mahjong whether for stakes or not is forbidden at runs. The introduction of materials for gambling or opium smoking and of bad characters on runs is prohibited.
b) The funds of the association shall not be used to pay the fines of members who have been convicted in court.
c) The association or its members shall not hold any lottery, whether confined to members or not, in the name of the association or its office bearers, committee or members.
d) The association or its members shall not attempt to restrict or in any manner interfere with trade or prices or engage in any trade union activity as defined in the Trade Union Ordinance.
e) No university or college university student shall be admitted a member of the society unless she has obtained a written permission from the Vice-Chancellor of the university concerned.
f) The association or its members shall not indulge in any political communal or religious activities or allow the association's funds and/or meetings to be used for any of the foresaid purposes.
g) The association shall not have any affiliation or connection with any society established outside Malaysia.
h) It is prohibited for either members or guests to behave in a violent manner at any event organized by the association. The committee has the right to ban anyone in breach of this rule from any function organized by the association.      

31 No alterations or additions to this constitution shall be made except at a general meeting or provided in Article 33, and such amendment shall not come into force without the prior sanction of the Registrar of Societies.
32 The amendment, alteration or addition to the provisions of the constitution shall not be valid unless
approved at a general meeting by a 2/3 majority of the number of registered members of the association.


33 In the event of any doubt or dispute arising in the connection with any matters not expressly provided for in this constitution, the committee shall have power to use their own discretion in settling the same.


34 In this article, "members" means anyone who is, in accordance with the constitution of the association, entitled to vote:-
a) The association shall not be dissolved, except with the consent of not less than 3/5 of the members of the association, expressed either in person or by proxy at a general meeting for the purpose, or by postal vote.
b) In the event of the association being dissolved, all debts and liabilities legally incurred on behalf of the association shall be fully discharged and the remaining funds shall be distributed in such manner as may be decided by the majority of the members present at the general meeting convened pursuant to sub section (a) of article 34.
Notice of Dissolution shall be given within 14 days of the dissolution to the Registrar of Societies.


The badge of the society shall be round, with the words Hash House Harriets Penang imprinted on it.