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How to set a run

written and researched by Mr. Colin Lamb


False Trail


Above you find are examples of markers, you
can use to make your run more interesting.

An example (not to scale!) of a run could be:

Run starts at (1).

Front-running hounds reach the check (2) and start "checking".

Some hounds may find the trail which ends as a false trail at (3) and have to head back to the check (2).

Other hounds may find the On Trail at (4) and continue the run again.

At the end of the On Trail a bar is found at (5) indicating that the On Trail is somewhere back down the trail.

The On Trail is at (6) which then leads
to the second check (7).

The trail leads to a false (8) but the On Trail is at (9). This trail leads to a point where the paper leads home (10).

Hounds' Trail Howls:
"Are you?" or "Hear You?" - Asked by the back-runners to the front-runners to know "are you on the Trail"
"On On" or "On Paper" - Shouted by the front-runners to say they are on the Trail
"Checking" - Shouted by front-runners whom have reached a check or a bar and is looking for the On Trail
"Check Back" - Shouted by a front-runner when finding the trail is false and the others should go back to the check and look for the real On Trail
"Passing (left/right)" - Forewarning to a slower runner that you are going to pass them on a narrow trail
"Head" - obstruction at head height i.e. branch
"Foot" - Obstruction at feet level i.e. vines, roots etc.
"Prickles (left/right)" - thorns, machine-gun etc
"Shiggy" - Trail is slippery (especially muddy)
Hash Hound Speak:
GM - Harriets' Grand Master. Leader of the Harriets
VGM - Harriets' Vice Grand Master. Stands in if GM is not available
On-Sex - Harriets' Secretary
Hash Cash - Harriets' Treasurer
Hash Horn - Harriet with a horn who encourages the pack
Hare Raiser - Harriet responsible for the Receding Hareline
Bunny/Hare - Bunny (or Hare) responsible for laying the trail
FRB - Front Running Bastard, fast runner
SCB - Short-Cutting Bastard, runner not sticking to the trail and short-cutting
Sweeper - Runner contracted by the Bunny/Hare to stay at the back of the pack to ensure the last runners get back to the runsite
Check - A circle of paper at which front runners need to find the On-Trail. Used to slow the front runners down to allow the pack to bunch up again.
False Trail or Falsie - A false trail leading from a check with a T at the end
Bar - A line of paper across the trail which indicates the On Trail branches off before the bar
On Trail - The true paper trail from a check or bar
Runsite - Where the Harriets' runs starts from
Circle - Gathering of Harriets prior and after the run
Down-Down - Drinking a beverage whilst sitting on the ice
Receding Hareline - List of upcoming runs
Hash House - The Royal Selangor Club Chambers in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia where it all started. Unfortunately demolished to make way for a road!
Beer Wagon - A Van that parks at the runsite which sells beer and softies
Run Fee - The cost of running with the Harriets, normally RM5, unless announced otherwise